For several years I have been working wonderful people with an assortment of different problems,
all of whom I greatly admire for their resilience in the face of a variety of severe challenges

Below are TESTIMONIALS they have kindly written about my work.

I’ve been seeing “Jenny” for over a period of time and she has given me strength and confidence... to help conquer my severe “panic attacks” which have re-surfaced from the events in my childhood. (My step-father physically/ emotionally and sexually abused me from the age of 5 to 12 years old). It had generally been thought within the community that one could forget and totally get over childhood abuse but unfortunately that has been proven incorrect. When I first met “Jenny” I was 67 years old and faced with a situation of not being able to fly from Gold Coast to Sydney because of these recurring “panic attacks”. I was hopeful of joining my friend (who I’ve known for over 40 years) as she was kindly paying for me to go with her on a 10-day return Cruise to Cairns. “Jenny” taught me breathing techniques and eventually had me participating in “simulation” exercises that took me through the whole process of departure and arrival at my destination resulting in me conquering my flying ‘demons’. “Jenny” has a beautiful pitched voice so you feel her inner/deep strength giving you a powerful sense of connection whilst you’re participating in her “relaxation” sessions. Note: Recently I’ve been seeing “Jenny” regarding my high “pain” levels caused from my severe back problems as well as focusing on “weight reduction”. I look forward to a favourable and positive outcome because of the faith I have in “Jenny” and her unbelievable skills. Kindest regards from E.F.

I was apprehensive about seeking help for 'personal issues of a complex nature'... and hesitant about sharing my 'private information' with yet another medical professional. I didn’t want to be 'stereotyped'. I knew I needed a 'Professional Practitioner' with the scope to deliver personalised service coming from an intuitive and experienced perspective. I not only needed to know I had engaged a 'Practitioner' who shared my universal values of care for humanity, I needed a 'Practitioner' who is genuine, gentle, intelligent and a realist. My dream was and is to develop a healthful balanced outlook, I want to live out my future with genuine hope. I want my life to be lived by design. Jenny can deliver the above and more. Jenny has a vast swag of life skills that collide with her comprehensive thirst for seeking out training that she uses for the benefit of her clients. Jenny is client orientated. I am eternally grateful for Jenny's friendship and care. Thank you, Jenny. T.L

I have seen Jenny on several occasions now, and my testimonial to Jenny’s amazing knowledge...experience in her field is true and correct. I came to Jenny very stressed anxious and in the time that Jenny has worked with me is truly amazing and life changing. Jenny has a voice that is so soothing and relaxing, she has a natural talent and committed to helping people and this combined with her know-how, experience and in combination with her background she delivers extraordinary results, and that being, I am much more centred person, I am seeing changes not only in myself, but because I now have the tools to help me cope with stress in a more positive way, and other issues in my life, due to medical reasons and a very difficult husband. I am also seeing positive changes in my husband but also in my life. I owe Jenny an enormous thank you for giving me the knowledge, tools and teaching me the strategies in changing myself for the better and therefore also my environment and my life. I would recommend anyone to see Jenny and experience what I have experienced and greatly benefited from. I am very privileged in meeting and working with Jenny. S.P.

'Thank you for all your caring and help during my five weeks in hospital'...'I put into practice all the relaxation, deep breathing, meditation, relaxing the body limb by limb, muscle by muscle that you taught me through Hypnotherapy. I also helped four other patients. Keep up the excellent work.' V. P.

'When I first went to see Jennifer, I was very lacking in self-confidence and self-worth'...I no longer have these problems thanks to her brilliant work. I was diagnosed with terminal cancer. At first, I was glad because my life wasn't worth living. I no longer think that way thanks to Jennifer. I always leave beaming with confidence after talking with her'. G.B.

'This Lady is the best person you can see if you are after a caring person'...She is very gentle when she has to tell you what you SO do not want to hear - she knows how to say things that you have to hear to move on - she helps you get through the walls that you have not wanted to deal with. With her help I was able to get them down and deal with stuff, but trust me she has helped me smash through walls that were so high, but I was able with her help, to get them down and deal with what was behind them which was years of hurt. But with what this lady has shown me, I can deal with things and allow the feelings to be there, and let them be there - I know now what to do with negative feelings - I have to feel and deal with them. I can tell you, with her help, she will get you through anything, but you have to do what she is teaching as there will come a time when she will not be there anymore. I have come to the end of my time with her and I know that I can get through anything with what I have learnt. You have to have a positive way of thinking - if you put out negative you get it back and don’t move on - so you need to have positive things on your mind, and then, when you have smashed through your walls, she will help you deal with what is behind them. I should know - when I started to see Jenny I was a big mess, and I mean a BIG mess - now I am happy - my life has done a big 360 degree turn - I thought a man would never love me again and I was very wrong on that one. Jenny helped me smash down a big wall that I have had for years - one day we were working together and it just came down. Thank you so much Jenny for all the help that you have given me, and I am so glad that you have given me the tools to move on with my life’. N. C.